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Win $600 Worth Of Pet Products Giveaway

Are you ready to win $600 of amazing free tech?

To give something back to all of our loyal customers, we’re launching the biggest and best pet tech sweepstake you will ever find. It’s so simple to apply, it’s plenty of fun, and you can win the tech your furry-friend’s dreams are made of at the end of it.

Now, how about you spin your iPad around and show him the prizes!

The Prizes Every Critter Has Been Waiting For

Fresh Water: The freshest, coldest, and cleanest water available all year round. Perfect for cooling down in the summer, or lying back by the fire in the winter!

Tasty Treats: With no need to wait for you to get home, he’ll have everything he needs to fill his cute little belly. Plus, you can even control it remotely from your phone to make sure the little fella never goes without!

Instant Peace of Mind: The Mate Pet Monitor allows you to watch over your little bundle of joy no matter where you are. Perfect for that peace of mind that you need when you leave to go to work.

Ready to Enter?

Sign up below to receive your exclusive personal URL. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning these amazing prizes for your little buddy, is share the link as widely as possible. What could be easier than that?


  1. Really it’s True ? Oxm Feeling When Win

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