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Win iPhone 11 pro! Giveaway

Win iPhone 11 pro!
This is a contest in where 30 people will be selected as winners in every month constantly. It offers particularly iPhone lovers from around the world. So , it is a big chance for you to get it in comfortably. Don’t miss this chance! To get iPhone 11 pro for free just register the below steps.


  1. ayush says:

    i want iphone 11 pro max because i don’t have any apple phone
    i really need this

  2. Manilyn Selva says:

    I really need a phone for my children. They really need to communicate with their teachers most especially if there are concerns related to the module that are distributed to them since they are studying in a new normal situation

  3. OBODO says:

    Hi, please and please i’m over 21yr but i have never buy phone. due to my condition. i have to take care of my mum and my youngeq once in school. please am helpless i realy need a phone

  4. Rayhan Akash says:

    I have been following mrwhosetheboss. I see videos about phones, i love it. Maybe one day i’ll get to do that too. I’ll be happy to that, really happy. I have never used an iPhone though, too expensive for me. But maybe… One day. Surely one day, might not be here but… Fingers crossed

  5. Ybrahim Wallace Sali Coronado says:

    Needed for my online class

  6. fiona says:

    hi i am fiona and i sm great ful of this website i adore it so much and i would appreciate it if i win or not because i might be lucky or not who knows and yh its really embarrassing walking around with an Android phone omg😐 yh thanks to this website

  7. I need cellphone for my onlineclass
    Pls.. I Need Cellphone😭😭

  8. Ganga says:

    Hi. I’m ganga from Tamilnadu. My home town Madurai. Then I followed your website 3 months also. I love it. Now I used 2nd mobile. Then my family financial problems also please kindly my humble request I want this mobile. I love it this mobile then I’m fan of you ❤️❤️❤️ please kindly reply me sir then my dream Mobile this. Then my humble request my BRITHDAY coming December 3rd 2020. Please gift for me sir please. My life dream this mobile please ❤️❤️❤️ I hope and wait for your reply sir please…

  9. Hey I threw my mother phone in the toilet so she does not have a phone that’s why I want to give her as a birthday gift

  10. Goodluck says:

    With God all thing are possibble

  11. Tatendaishe Makosa says:

    Hie I want this phone so badly because I can’t afford to buy one so this is my only chance of getting one

  12. Arindam says:

    I want this phone because I have a broken phone and I can’t do my online classes properly. So please give me..

  13. I want to be a winner of this phone.. So please give me..

  14. Shike says:

    Please I really need it please I need because of my online class which I played a lot of money for I don’t want to repeat my ss3 class again because of this thanks.

  15. anoy says:

    please, give me this one!

  16. nossy says:

    I could really use a brand new phone and update my phone for once and get in touch with the world out there.

  17. Sk.nasreem says:

    I am pleased to be a part of these iPhone 11 pro giveaway, my reason is I don’t have a suitable phone for my online class ,and I have issues with my android phone,so thank you 💙💜 I wish I could get it because w I don’t have the money to buy iPhone thank you so much Giveaway monkey💓💓

  18. sumi says:

    hi It would be so much nice to win this bc my phone broke since lockdown
    and I didnt get one till now

  19. sumi says:

    hi It would be so much nice to win this bc my phone broke since lockdown

  20. bennety says:

    I am a school girl without phone in this lockdown time, so I need it urgent

  21. sonsen says:

    I want to be lucky person. Plz give me the iPhone 11 pro

  22. Cyriacus lilian says:

    I realy need this phone please😆

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