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Win iPhone 11 pro! Giveaway

Win iPhone 11 pro!
This is a contest in where 30 people will be selected as winners in every month constantly. It offers particularly iPhone lovers from around the world.So , it is a big chance for you to get it in comfortably. Don’t miss this chance! To get iPhone 11 pro for free just register the below steps.



    please help me to do this.I did not have smartphone in my collage cell phone.this is my request please please! If this work100% I will tell all one about your website.

  2. marjuk says:

    I would like to win this prize, plz give me this one

  3. Laila L Millamina says:

    Please help me to get this phone because I need this for my studying cause my mother don’t have work because of pandemic and my father is dead since I’m 2 years old so I need this because this is very important things that I can use in my studying I hope that you see my comment about my problem I hope that this day I my lucky please help me 😢 to win this give away so help me guys and Lord to win this phone every please help me to win this give away from the Philippines God blessed everyone love you too ❤️💙💕

  4. Laila L Millamina says:

    Please help me to get this phone cause I need this for my studying cause I don’t have enough money to buy this I hope that you will pick me from the Philippines God blessed to all of you guys

  5. Laila L Millamina says:

    Please help me to win this give away because I need this for my studying and I’m very poor and I don’t have enough money to buy this phone I need this because I need this to communicate to the others and have connections to my fellow teacher please read my comment caused I need your help from the Philippines

  6. Idioma wisdom says:

    Please i need this offer, and God bless you.

  7. Comment:May God richly bless u guys 4 what u are giving to the world

  8. somerset says:

    I would like be a lucky guy for getting it as free.plz give me iPhone 11 pro

  9. muneeb says:

    i need this mobile pleas i need it

  10. Biggie smalls says:

    I trust this site cos av been trying for many many times. I pray am the lucky guy

  11. bijoy says:

    I am very excited to get it!

  12. bernie says:

    I have been playing the CAN YOU SPOT THE ‘MOUSE’ AND THE PIG many times but nothings happening. my head is about to burst for playing the game multiple time even if I perfected the score NOTHING! NOTHING IS HAPPENING! I thought this was true because it’s on the website of WIX but (sigh)

  13. vaanya says:

    i really need i phone for my study

  14. rosa says:

    s ils vous plait choisissez moi j’ai besoin d’un phone j’ai jamais eu un portable et j’ai besoin trop dans ma vie et mes etudes

  15. Harsha says:

    Please select me.i m very excited and want this.U r my hope only.thanx you for doing this

  16. Luyah says:

    I love iPhone especially the new features that come with a IPhone 11 pro max

  17. Luyah says:

    Hi hoping to win, here

  18. darla louise says:

    Hello please, may I win the giveaway all my friends used to tease ma and make fun of me because I was poor and I still am. This iPhone would change my world around I would be so happy if I got it!

  19. Marhini says:

    Please I really need a phone any phone but don’t have that cash pls help

  20. Please pick me, I badly need a phone, yeah I have one but it’s too old and laggy for all the apps that required for online schooling. It will really help me a lot for my online study, I’m a college student and trying so hard to cope up for the new normal including the online class. I came from a poor family and we don’t have any stable internet connection in our home, I’m only using a mobile data. I don’t wanna be a burden to my family as much as I don’t wanna loose my Scholarship. Please help me. Lord just this one please

  21. Rhob veracruz says:

    Can i have iphone 11 inever have iohone plsssss

  22. Brenda says:

    Thanks for this giveaway chance. Please,give me this offer. May God bless you.

  23. Jazmine Hernandez says:

    I hope this is a legitimate contest I am a 20 year old college student. My mother destroyed my old phone because of her frustration. I don’t have some money to buy my own. And im hoping your site could help me have one. Online class is near and i don’t know what to use for my academic needs. I want it really bad btw im from the Philippines

  24. Mary Joy says:

    Please If i win please contac me heres my number 09666728106 please please🙏

  25. Denish says:

    Giveaway claim issues

  26. sayed rohyab haidari says:

    I don not believe to tuch the prize

  27. Biggie smalls says:

    Please if i win contact me through my number

  28. Pauline says:

    Can I have? I need it for my online study. Please 🙏🙏

  29. Dina Dawit says:

    When are you going to give me the i phone 11 or pro, pro max? If you are you can contact/message me with this number 0912334414.

  30. Debashish says:

    I got a prize of iPhone11 pro. how can I got this in my hand? I cannotunderstandthe processes.

    • cinon says:

      It’s a contest that’s why we are waiting for wining!

    • Laila L Millamina says:

      Please pick me cause I need this phone for my studying cause my family don’t have a enough money to buy this please help me to get this phone and I’m praying that I’m the one who win this give away caused I don’t know what to do now because of the pandemic in my country I hope that you will see my comment and I hope that you Wilk pick me God blessed all you guys from the Philippines

  31. Sep Arif says:

    I need a IPhone 11 pro

    • Mary Joy says:

      Can i have?I need for my online study please please please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.I really need it please for my online study

  32. quinnten says:

    It’s an amazing offer. I want to get it…

  33. samson says:

    Already I have completed my registration. Now I am waiting for my gift.

    • Nasrudeen Muhammad says:

      Hello,anybody Needs It,But You Might Be Lucky To Get The Phone.That’s It.How Can I Also Register?I Hope Brothers Can Help Me!

  34. Muhammad Fahad says:

    I need this offer please. I’ve been trying many giveaways on this site but am not yet lucky and am still trying. My birthday is coming up and no phone for online classes. Please i need it

    • bennet says:

      This is a lucky event. Once I got this offer and trying more to get it again. Here I have also completed my registration and waiting for wining!

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